The only thing in the world holding you back from achieving greatness is in fact you.

In a blog post that attracted more than 2399 comments, Becca Martin of Thought Catalog blames you for the reason your life sucks. The author was candid with the expression. The headline to the blog post was Hate to Break It to You but You Are the Reason Your Life Sucks So Much.

There are several insights from the blog post that Blake Customs would like to share with our readers in the environs of Nairobi, Kenya.

First, if you have a mindset reflecting how your life sucks, then probably it is true that your life sucks. Acceding to Becca, you are the only thing in this world that is holding you back.

Anyone who is waiting for the world to give them what they want is going through life with a wrong attitude. The world does not allow you to thrive. You allow yourself to thrive, and the first and the only thing that you would need to do is change your thoughts.

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Hate To Break It To You But You Are The Reason Your Life Sucks So Much


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