Baby Bundles Kenya – website project

For this project, we are working on setting up a website for BabyBundlesKenya, an online business for baby and mother products including furniture, accessories, and toys.

We have a flexible schedule and a limited budget.

Of course, every project always has a limited budget.

Project management 101, you need a purpose, schedule, team, execution priorities, etc. The people who are fancy with technology may pull up a MS Project software just to do the planning thing. Should we?


Now, the project just left the roof, meaning we got something to show. The idea is simple on the loading size, and on the user side. We know sliders are fancy and all that, but we are majorly about the practicality of the site.

Get it done.

No words other than those three say it best.

Keep up with the work as it goes on here at because that’s the way we pay bills.

How about a screen shot…

Plus, you could always check their instagram feed

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