About Blake Customs

This is a short story of how Blake Customs became a reality

After a website builder had frustrated him for weeks, Chris had enough. He decided to put his IT skills to work and come up with a do-it-yourself (DIY) solution for a website that would give his clients and readers the best package that he was to offer. How now relies on reliable service providers and technologies to make sure his customers do not go through a frustrating experience.

A brief story of Chris and Blake Customs

Chris started by registering a domain and paying for hosting like everyone else.

The going got rough. Chris was doing things like an amateur. He would work on the site occasionally, and things were good because the more he got to work, the better the site looked and behaved.

After realizing that search engine giants like Google and Yahoo like clean fast and presentable code, he decided to optimize his website. However, despite all that he could do, his web hosting company kept frustrating his endeavours. Chris suspected that there were at least five problems with the hosting company.

  1. They did not listen to clients
  2. They did not have a reliable power supply to keep servers running throughout
  3. There was no motivation to go the extra mile after taking clients’ money
  4. There was disrespect when communicating with clients
  5. The turnaround for feedback was too long

How did Blake Customs Emerge?

The frustrations were too much, but they were a blessing in disguise.

Besides that, Chris went on to gain experience in running other forms of business and learning first-hand about good customer service and timely deliveries.

He launched Blake Customs in 2016 and wanted it to cater for a special niche.

The vision of Blake Customs is to provide a well-crafted solution package that meets a client’s objectives.

What Sets Blake Customs Apart?

Blake Customs focuses on solutions for managing the business presence of customers. This statement implies that Blake Customs strives to ensure that clients remain visible to their subsequent customers.

“If you have a company, you may need a company profile, business cards, or a website to announce your presence to potential customers. Blake Customs walks with you to make sure you are getting what you need at the CORRECT price.”

Reasons for choosing Blake Customs

The team at Blake Customs understands that technology is amazing, but the greatest about it is the ability to use it. Therefore, we strive to simply our solutions so that you can use them just as you would use your cup to take tea. We try to make it second to nature. Our dream and goal is to simplify solutions so that we increase the value that our esteemed clients get.

Welcome to Blake Customs & “let us manage your presence.”