Welcome to Blake Customs. This is our services page.

You are in good hands because:

We don’t do everything

We do well a few things

We strive to meet deadlines and respond to clients when they write us or call us

We simplify solutions to make life easy for our clients

We rely on the best partners who have a skin in the game and know their stuff so well.


We offer the following services.

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⇒Website Design

Your website is your digital storefront and a huge part of your digital PR strategy. We’ll make sure your new site is a simple beautiful design – with copy that conveys your company’s personality and back-end SEO that’ll help you rank higher, faster. Click here for more…

⇒Company profiles

A good company profile tells a story in a succint and attractive way because it is the gateway between the prospective client and the company. Clear here to see our quotation.

⇒Business Cards & Email Signatures

They come cheap and in good quality. Click here to read more…

Branding – logo, business cards, email signatures, website design

Everything is about branding, about presenting the best foot forward for your company and the Blake Customs Support Team is listening. Click HERE to contact us.

  • Blake Customs is a company that designs and makes or runs: Websites, Emails, Social Media Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, Company Profiles, Business Cards, Email Signatures. Click here to contact us now.