Company Profiles

Company Profiles

Let us design and make your company profile. We deliver in document format and as part of a page on your website.  Check our quotation.

A great company profile could tell a story. A good example is the Zappos company profile.

Better yet, how about using visual appeal for your company profile. The Blake Customs Support Team is ready to make your company profile stunning.

Philips uses a visually appealing company profile on its website. Of course the basics still apply.

Sometimes, being professional is keeping things clean and relevant. You can use a history of your company as a major part of the company profile. So you combine the background and the timeline of the company like the way Blurb did it.

A brief background and the company’s timeline. This is how Blurb does it, and you can too. Talk to us!

Seven Seas Technologies Group includes many smaller companies and different key staff. Their approach was to include a brief background, then have the linkable profiles of the main people, and finish up with the visual links to the respective companies under Seven Seas Technologies. The Blake Customs Support Team will be glad to make you a company profile such as this one. Just click here to Contact Us for more.

The Seven Seas Technologies Group example of company profile.

Price Quotation for Company Profile by Blake Customs

Item Price Remarks
Basic company profile From Ksh. 4,500 Includes at most 10 pages, MS Word & PDF formats with you company logo and all details specified by client
Advanced company profile From Ksh. 7500 Integrates the basic company profile into newsletters, websites

The option also includes visual links to profiles and other product pages on a website or blog

Includes social media links

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