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Blake Customs Web design and Related Services

We specialize in designing interactive websites for an online community audience.

Our customized solutions are excellent for an organization or business keen on engaging its customer or user community online.

The websites we build are versatile. They are adaptive to all device types, irrespective of their screen sizes. We optimize sites for mobile, desktop and tab viewing.

We use accepted and universal industry standards, to remove any compatibility issues that may arise.

We use the latest technologies available in web design and graphic design. The team of creative works with the latest software graphic design tools for website layout and other graphic needs.

We collaborate with the best hosting companies to ensure that your site is always online. Our hosting partners use multiple server locations to mirror their data so that when one station goes down, a backup is available. You, the user, will not feel a difference in service quality.

This solution ensures that even with fibre optic cable cuts in the Indian Ocean; our customer sites remain online to serve their user needs.

We use powerful WordPress or Drupal frameworks, easy to understand and use for end-users, numerous customization options, and reliable website architecture. Websites become compatible with other database systems and use MySQL for managing the site content. We build them with the latest php5 standard, which is remarkable in handling web queries on the server and client sides.

The solution is light, fast and dependable. It ensures that your website remains professional and intuitive. We use clean codes, and smart design architecture. Your users will be able to find you even using online search engines.

We also integrate your site with social applications. We develop Twitter and Facebook & YouTube applications that automatically link with your users and update them on changes on your website. If you already have the social network accounts, we are able to integrate the present site with them, by coding new applications.

Our service package also includes the management of social accounts on behalf of the organization or business. By outsourcing the management of social accounts to us, you create the time to deal with your other business or management tasks.

Our Pricing for Websites and Related Services

Price Extra Details
Website 55,000/- Delivered within 21 working days (Refers to complete package of domain, hosting, 1 year management, social media integration, logo, user management, other customizations)
Social Network Account Setup & Design 13,000/-
Social Network Account Management 1000/- – 2,500/month
Hosting & Domain Name 6,000/- – 10,000/- Unlimited emails

Unlimited uploads & downloads

Logo and Banner Designs From 1000/-
Google apps, Zoho cloud application configuration service From 5,000/- Price varies with the number of users. Client has to also cover cost of purchasing the solution.

Invoice terms

Customers pay 60% of the setup price upfront. The remaining 40% is payable upon completion of the project. Price negotiations must happen before the commencing of the project. Discounts are only available on repeat or bulk purchases. Here bulk refers to two or more items listed above.

For more details or enquiries, please write to:

Christiano Kwena
Solutions Officer
Blake Customs

Email: christianokwena_at_blakecustom_dot_com
Phone: 0722 243 459