Social Media Campaign

Social Media (Combining Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc for improving your presence and success online)

Developing and understanding a relationship with customers is important. Social media channels can help you to know some details about clients and also let them see what you want them to see about your business.

You could use Social Media, with the help of the Blake Customs Support Team to know:

  • Have they been in touch before? Was it a related issue or a different one?
  • Are they slipping away or are they actively using the product?
  • Where exactly are they located?
  • When were they last active in your product? Are they online right now?
  • What company do they work for?

Blake Customs social media services include:

  • Setting up social media profiles and linking them to your website
  • Managing your social media pages, by posting, integrating to other profiles, responding to visitors and improving the number of followers

The service includes marketing options to improve awareness about a particular product or service that you offer to potential customers.